To celebrate Washington State Parks' 100th birthday and help you enjoy as many state parks as possible, we are presenting geocaching activities in 2013. While participating in one of our geocaching activities, you will also have the opportunity to learn about state parks, enjoy many different recreational opportunities, and experience the great outdoors! Please check back, as more geocaching activities will be added to this page.

Centennial 2013 Geocaching Activities

Below are some geocaching activities being held for the Centennial 2013 celebration.

Centennial GeoTour
Explore your Washington state parks and earn a Geocoin by joining the Washington State Parks Centennial GeoTour. 100 GeoTours in 100 parks to celebrate 100 years!

Centennial Passport GeoChallenge
Download the Washington State Parks Pocket Ranger® mobile app and join the electronic Washington State Parks Centennial Passport GeoChallenge. Presented to you in partnership with ParksByNature Network®, LLC.

About Geocaching
Geocaching is a popular, fast-growing outdoor activity embraced by people of all ages and abilities from avid hikers to families with young children. Players use a Global Positioning System (GPS), smartphone, or other mobile device to find hidden containers (geocaches) or designated landmarks, sign their logbooks, and then share their experiences online. For information on applying for a permit, what materials may be hidden, and the areas where geocaching is allowed, read Directive 06-01 on geocaching, letterboxing, and related activities.