In 2003, the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission adopted the Centennial 2013 Plan, a vision for the future of Washington State Parks and a plan to carry out that vision.

Centennial 2013 Vision
"In 2013, Washington's state parks will be premier destinations of uncommon quality, including state and regionally significant natural, cultural, historical, and recreational resources that are outstanding for the experience, health, enjoyment, and learning of all people."
Priorities & Call to Action
The Centennial 2013 Plan focuses policy makers, the public, and commission staff on common goals. The plan has three priorities and a call to action for people to help with improvements.

Priority 1 – Fix What We Have
With help from the governor and legislature, your State Parks Commission commits to caring for and improving the high-quality state parks and recreation services you enjoy today, in six core areas: stewardship; enjoyment, health, and learning; public service; facilities; partnerships; and a financial strategy that leverages tax support with earned revenue and donations for operations.

Priority 2 – Upgrade Existing Parks, Trails & Services
With a blend of public and private dollars, the commission aims to build capacity and upgrade existing parks, trails, and services to meet increased demand in a fast-growing state.

Priority 3 – Add New Trails & Services & Work Toward Opening New Parks in the Future
With a blend of public and private dollars, the commission will work toward adding new trails and opening new parks, to ensure a parks and recreation legacy for future generations.

100 Connections – A Call to Action
Park managers invite communities and organizations to donate time, labor, and funds to help complete 100 improvement projects in parks all over the state. 100 Connection project examples include playgrounds, kitchen shelters, interpretive features, trails, and trailheads.

Support Leads to Progress
The Legislature, two governors, and more than 2,500 organizations and individuals have endorsed Centennial 2013. Capital and operating budgets in 2005-07 and 2007-09 provided increased funds to make significant progress on the plan. While budget reductions in 2009-11 required adjustments to goals and timelines, the commission remains committed to Centennial 2013.

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Endorsements of Centennial 2013 are Welcome!
To add your name to the long list of supporters, complete an online endorsement or send an email to the commission, and be sure to tell us about the parks and recreation resources that most interest you. You will receive periodic news e-mails about your state parks.

You can also help by including your donation to Washington State Parks when you renew your vehicle license tabs. Donations made through this program now make up a significant portion of Washington State Parks' basic funding. Donations through the program go directly to Washington State Parks to keep parks open and available. For more information on the donation program, visit our donations page.

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