The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission adopted the Centennial 2013 Plan to prepare the park system for a second century of service and a 100-year celebration in 2013. The Plan's three priorities - fix what we have; upgrade existing parks, trails, and services; and build new parks and trails for the future - are reflected in 11 goals that the commission adopted for completion by 2013.
  1. Goal 1 - Stewardship

    93 state parks will have land use plans supported by the public and the commission.

  2. Goal 2 - Enjoyment, Health & Learning

    All state parks will have community events and interpretive programs.

  3. Goal 3 - Public Service

    The public will rate agency public service "B" or better on surveys.

  4. Goal 4 - Facilities

    Improve the old, well-loved park system.

  5. Goal 5 - Partnerships

    Double participation to 500,000 annual volunteer hours and 500 partnerships.

  6. Goal 6 - Financial Strategy

    All state parks will have business plans that include cost-saving strategies and four revenue sources (facility fees, product and service revenues, taxes, and donations).

  1. Goal 7 - Trails

    Improve facilities and add trail miles on winter recreation, land, and water trails.

  2. Goal 8 - Expanded & New Parks

    Work toward expanding popular existing parks and opening three new parks.

  3. Goal 9 - Historic Sites

    Improve four major historic sites.

  4. Goal 10 - Interpretation

    Tell the Ice Age floods story.

  5. Goal 11 - 100 Connections

    100 citizen gift improvements to enhance parks all over Washington.