Goal 1 - Stewardship

93 state parks will have land use plans supported by the public and the commission, so that citizens can participate in park planning and understand and support the care of their parks and environment.

81 of 93 state parks had land use plans supported by the public and commission at the end of 2011.

Chart showing progress of land use plans completed increasing from 22 in 2003 to 81 in 2011

Speaker addressing a seated audience
Public Helps with Park Plans
This planning meeting for Lake Sammamish State Park is one example of the public planning process that Washington State Parks uses to identify land uses and develop classification and management plans for all parks. The inclusive process builds public interest and encourages participation. The resulting plans help park managers provide appropriate public recreation while caring for natural and cultural resources. To comment on park planning processes under way or to view completed plans and public comments, visit our plans page.