Goal 4 - Facilities

Improve the old, well-loved park system, so that citizens have safe and modern parks.

Deferred Maintenance Progress
In 2011, the agency began adding new projects to a larger deferred maintenance list and retired the original 1999 Proviso List, now obsolete. Future agency budget requests will include requests for resources to inventory and track agency needs.

Major Renovations Progress
In calendar year 2011, Washington State Parks completed 35 major renovations projects. These projects, which improve the quality and safety of parks, include new cabins, trail projects, building restorations, water and sewer systems, and more. Check out a full list of 2011 major renovations.

Examples of Improvements
Some examples of improvements include a rehabilitated guard house at Fort Worden State Park and a new comfort station at Columbia Hills State Park.
Exterior and interior of rehabilitated guard house project at Fort Worden State Park
Exterior photo of new comfort station at Columbia Hills State Park