Goal 5 - Partnerships

Double participation to 500,000 annual volunteer hours and 500 partnerships, so that citizens are actively recruited, welcomed, and engaged in improving their parks and recreation opportunities.

Volunteer Progress
Washington State Parks recorded 271,260 volunteer hours in 2011.

Chart showing progress of volunteer hours donated to parks between 2003 and 2011

Partnership Progress
Washington State Parks staff reported that the goal of 581 partnerships was met in 2010.

Chart showing progress of formal partnerships increasing from 220 in 2003 to 581 in 2011

Volunteers picking up trash on the beach
Pitching In to Help
Volunteers help park staff provide excellent services by pitching in with campground hosting, office work, park cleanup, and program offerings. The hours provided by volunteers in 2011 added help nearly equivalent to 130 full-time staff.

Meanwhile, partnership efforts such as the annual Coastal Cleanup and a new alliance of agencies and organizations called the Washington Clean Coast Alliance help with the care and improvement of parks.