Volunteer Program

Volunteers play a vital role in sustaining the treasure that is Washington State Parks, providing more than 300,000 hours of service each year. Opportunities are available across the state for a variety of short- and long-term projects.

Anyone can be a Washington State Parks volunteer, including individuals, couples, families, school groups, citizen groups, service organizations, and corporations.
Volunteers work on Willapa Hills Trail with shovels and rakes, with grass and trees in background
Volunteers serve as camp hosts, assist in visitor centers, answer questions from the public, maintain and restore trails, give museum tours, interpret history, provide routine maintenance such as mowing lawns, and so much more.
Woman and two small children pick up litter on sandy beach with ocean in background
Get a Discover Pass by Volunteering
The Discover Pass is required for vehicle access to Washington state parks and state recreation lands managed by the Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. Individual volunteers who donate 24 hours of service on agency-approved projects can earn a complimentary annual pass. Each agency will provide vouchers to volunteers, recording the number of hours they worked on each project. Volunteers can redeem the vouchers for the annual Discover Pass. For more information, please visit the Discover Pass website and read the frequently asked questions for volunteers.
For more information, including park contact information for volunteering, check out the volunteer opportunities brochure.