Current Projects

  1. Fort Townsend & Rothschild House

    Review the planning process for Fort Townsend - Rothschild House.

  2. Hoko River CAMP Implementation

    Keep up to date on the Hoko River CAMP Implementation.

  3. Kopachuck & Jarrell Cove

    The CAMP project will address development and management of programs and facilities as well as protection of natural and cultural resources at these parks.

  4. Mount Spokane Bike Plan

    In November 2014, Washington State Parks approved a revision to the 2009 Comprehensive Trail Plan for Mount Spokane State Park.

  5. Iron Horse Palouse Planning

    Washington State Parks undertook a planning project for the Palouse Section of the Iron Horse State Park (Iron Horse Palouse), from the Town of Malden to the Idaho Border located in Whitman and Spokane Counties.

  6. Fort Townsend Salmon

    Fort Townsend Salmon

  7. Mount Spokane PASEA Land Classification

    Mount Spokane State Park is the largest park in the state park system at approximately 13,000 acres. Within the park, the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission (Commission) has authorized an existing alpine ski area known as the Mount Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park that is currently operated under a concession agreement with a Spokane area non-profit known as Mount Spokane 2000 (MS 2000). The existing ski concession area encompasses 1425 acres or about 10% of the park.

  8. Saint Edward Planning - Seminary

    Washington State Parks is beginning a planning process to evaluate a potential long-term lease of the seminary building located at Saint Edward State Park. The seminary structure and associated cultural landscape were listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2007. During the past several months, a group of historic preservation, political, and community leaders, has been meeting with Washington State Parks, to discuss how to preserve the Saint Edward Seminary building and grounds. In response to emerging potential for partnerships, the Washington State Parks Commission adopted a resolution on November 14, 2013 authorizing the Director to “explore partnerships with other public and private sector entities for the purpose of rehabilitating the Saint Edward Seminary building.”

  9. Kopachuck Master Plan

    Kopachuck State Park underwent a master planning process in 2014, updating the park plan to be in alignment with the park’s current status as a day-use operation.

  10. Larrabee State Park Planning

    Washington State Parks has begun a land-use planning project for Larrabee State Park located in Whatcom and Skagit Counties. The planning project, also known as Classification and Management Planning (CAMP), includes the four planning stages described below. The CAMP project will address protection of natural and cultural resources and management of recreation and trail activities at Larrabee and explore ways to best preserve and interpret the historic components of the park. The entire planning process includes a series of public workshops over about an eight-month period. These workshops are slated to begin in early 2014. Project staff will post information from the workshops for public review and comment at each stage of the process.

  11. Moran Mountain Bike Trail Proposal Planning

    Washington State Parks is looking at long-term management options at Moran State Park as Orcas Power and Light Cooperative (OPALCO) transitions away from the current utility corridor. Parks has received a proposal from Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance for formal development of a trail that will follow the alignment of the power line corridor. The developed trail would use an existing trail and the power line access road.

  12. Motorized Use of Long-Distance Trails

    The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission is undertaking a process to develop a policy and a procedure to determine when to approve use of motorized vehicles on agency-managed long-distance trails.

  13. Fudge Point Planning

    Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission (WSPRC) is beginning a planning process for the Fudge Point property located on Harstine Island in Mason County. The property is 136 acres in size, and could be developed for public access.

  14. Real Estate Policy Update

    Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission is updating its real estate policy

  15. Wind Powered Vehicles on Ocean Beaches

    The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission is undertaking a rule making process to address the use of wind powered vehicles on agency-managed ocean beaches. State Parks has received requests from recreational users to review the Washington Adminstrative Code (WAC) provisions that apply to wind powered vehicles such as kite buggies, blo-karts, kite boards and other wheeled, wind-driven recreational conveyances.