Fields Spring State Park

Fields Spring Teepees
Fields Spring State Park has two teepees available during the summer months. One teepee has a raised wooden floor, while the other teepee has an indoor / outdoor carpet floor. Both are 18 feet in diameter. Campers must take along their own sleeping bags and sleeping pads. The teepees are in a peaceful and quiet area of the park. Campers may use the nearby restrooms and picnic shelter. The teepees are available from June 15 through Labor Day each year.

Each teepee can accommodate up to six people per teepee.

The teepee rate is $30 plus tax per night per teepee.

To make a reservation at this park, visit the reservation website.
Rental Notice
  • Bed linens are not provided in cabins, platform tents, teepees, or yurts. Campers must bring their own linen and blankets.
  • Cooking is not allowed in platform tents, teepees, or yurts. Cooking is allowed only in cabins with kitchenettes.
  • Pets are only permitted in designated cabins / yurts.
  • Smoking is not allowed in cabins, platform tents, teepees, or yurts.
  • Washington State Parks pass discounts do not apply to cabins, platform tents, teepees, vacation houses, yurts, or other roofed overnight accommodations.

Reservations & Cancellations
Unless otherwise noted above, reservations may be made year-round online or by calling 888-CAMPOUT or 888-226-7688. Reservations may be made nine months in advance of the arrival date. The rental fee and non-refundable reservation fee must be paid in full at the time a reservation is made. This holds the rental facility until 1 p.m. on the day after the first reserved night.

Cancellations may be made online or by calling  888-CAMPOUT or 888-226-7688 as soon as possible.