Steptoe Battlefield State Park

Steptoe Battlefield is a four-acre, day-use park in Rosalia. This is the site on May 17, 1858, where Lt. Col. E.J. Steptoe led 159 American soldiers in a running fight with a large band of Spokane, Palouse, and Coeur D'Alene Native Americans. The American soldiers beat off a series of attacks until night halted the battle. With ammunition almost gone and facing disaster, Lt. Col. Steptoe and his men retreated with their wounded and under the cover of darkness to Fort Walla Walla.
  1. Activities
  2. History

Activities include wildlife watching and interpretive opportunities.

Interpretive Opportunities
The park features a monument with interpretive signs in memory of the battle between a band of Palouse, Spokane, and Coeur D'Alene Native Americans and 159 American soldiers.