Port of Grays Harbor

Located on Grays Harbor in the Westhaven Cove, the facility is within Grays Harbor County.

Latitude: 46° 54' 32.06" (46.90890692)
Longitude: 124° 6' 21.52" (-124.10597831)
Westport Marina Pumpout

Pumpout Facility Information
Port of Grays Harbor is a public marina with an accessible pumpout. This facility is open year around, 24 hours a day. The facility has a full service pumpout. You will encounter a EMP "SaniSailor" pumpout at this facility. There are five slips available for pumpout usage. Access to this pumpout is limited to vessels with a length of no more than 80 feet. There is a stationary pumpout. The stationary pumpout is located on the dock. There is a portable pumpout. The portable pumpout is located at the office.

Marine Services
Gasoline and diesel fuel can be purchased on site. There is a boat launch available for a fee. Overnight moorage is available for a fee. The guest dock is 320 feet in length. There are 520 guest moorage slips available. The total estimated guest boat capacity is 520. Electrical hookup is available. Electrical power is available in 20, 30, and 50 amps. It has been reported the minimum depth at mean low tide is 16 feet.

Day-Use & Campground Accommodations
This facility offers overnight amenities. The marina does not have camping, however there is camping availability nearby.