Hansen Harbor Marina

Located on the Columbia River, the facility is within Douglas County.

Latitude: 47° 54' 34.11" (47.909476)
Longitude: 118° 47' 5.25" (-118.78479172)

Pumpout Facility Information
Hansen Harbor is a public marina with an accessible pumpout. The pumpout is only open in the summer, 24 hours a day. The pumpout dock is winterized and floats in the the same location year-around. You will encounter a hand pump, pumpout at this facility. A slip is available for pumpout usage. Access to this pumpout is limited to vessels with a length of no more than 30 feet. The pumpout is located on a barge. There is a stationary pumpout. The stationary pumpout is located on a floating dock / barge approximately 20 miles upstream from Grand Coulee Dam, Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake. This facility has a Porta-Potty dump station. The porta potty dump stations are also located floating dock / barge.