Pumpout Pointers

Useful Tips
  • Consider using a mobile pumpout service if you don't want to service the holding tank yourself.
  • Don't forget to wash your hands when you are done.
  • Expensive breakdowns commonly occur when the marina's sewer line gets clogged because of inadequate rinsing. Flushing water through the system is cheap preventative maintenance and helps prevent odor.
  • Find a pumpout station. It only takes a few minutes to pump the waste out of a 15 gallon holding tank.
  • Follow pumpout instructions.
  • If instructions aren't posted or aren't clear, ask the marina operator. Encourage the marina operator to post easy-to-understand instructions.
  • Keep your marine sanitation device in good operating condition.
  • Post use instructions near head.
  • Pumpout only your holding tank. Pumpouts are not designed to handle bilge water or solid objects.
  • Some boaters pump out their holding tanks and then drive off, leaving the unit still running. Make sure the pump is off before pulling away so it will work for the next boater.
  • To help prevent clogs, look for rapid dissolving marine toilet tissue specifically designed for the purpose.
  • Use environmentally compatible holding tank deodorants.
  • Use public toilets on shore whenever possible.
  • When finished with pumpout, rinse water through the system for one minute.