What does the grant cover?
The grant will reimburse recipients for up to 75% of the installed cost of pump-out and dump stations. This includes the cost of new equipment, renovation of existing equipment, pumps, piping, lift stations, on-site holding tanks, pier or dock modifications, signs, permits, and other miscellaneous equipment needed for a complete and efficient station. The grant will not pay for the construction or renovation of upland restroom facilities, sewage treatment plants, septic tanks, leach fields, private and municipal treatment plants, or other special treatment devices. The grant also will reimburse 75% of the facilities allowable annual operation and maintenance expenses.

Clean Vessel Program

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1. Who is eligible?
2. What does the grant cover?
3. What is the cost to grant recipients?
4. Can grant funds be used for reimbursement of a pump-out that has already been installed?
5. What are grant recipient responsibilities under the program?
6. Can grant recipients charge for the use of the pump-out or dump station?
7. How do those interested in the program apply for a grant?
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