Saint Edward State Park - The Lodge

Entrance to Saint Edward seminary

Rehabilitation of the Lodge at Saint Edward State Park Begins Summer 2018

The construction process will take about 18 months to complete by the year 2021

$50 million dollars will be invested by Daniels Real Estate of Seattle to create the Lodge at Saint Edward State Park. Development will include construction of an underground parking lot; a temporary fence will be erected around the building complex to safely separate park visitors from the entire five-acre development. During construction, temporary parking will be located within the park to ensure public access to Saint Edward State Park (See map).

The lodge will operate under a 62-year lease and will result in a hotel, restaurant, convention spaces, café, and wellness spa that will be open to the public.

Significantly, the project will also result in development of an environmental learning center to be sited within the gymnasium.

Although the project will take several months to complete, Daniels Real Estate has already acquired and deeded to State Parks 9.77-acres of land, formally known as the McDonald property (See McDonald property acquisition). This land is now open for public use and enjoyment and can be accessed by taking the North Loop Trail.

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