St Edward Environmental Ed & Research Center

June 2019 the planning process was completed. The Saint Edward State Park Environmental Education and Research Center (EERC) is regional research and education hub that will provide field learning and environmental research opportunities to K-12 students, local colleges, and neighboring communities. The EERC will be housed in space developed by Daniels Real Estate, LLC as part of its renovation of the Saint Edward Seminary building. In addition to more than 1,000 square feet of classroom and meeting space, the learning center will use the 326 acres of Saint Edward State Park as a living laboratory and outdoor classroom.

Seminary Building with people walking up to it

As a park-based learning center, the EERC has the opportunity to provide environmental education to local students from a wide range of backgrounds, research and mentorship for undergraduate and graduate studies, faculty lectures, community-led habitat restoration, and more.

The Saint Edwards State Park EERC planning process was a joint project of Washington State Parks and the University of Washington-Bothell was completed in June of 2019. 

About Saint Edward State Park 

Saint Edward is the among the most heavily used of Washington’s state parks. Its forested hills, undeveloped shoreline, and wetlands are home to bats, owls, woodpeckers, and other wildlife. Its trails attract walkers, trail runners and mountain bike users year-round.

The former Saint Edward Seminary, now listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, is currently being renovated by Daniels Real Estate, LLC, a private development firm specializing in historic preservation. The building will open as an 82-room lodge in 2020, with a portion of the space developed to house the St Edward Environment and Education Research Center.

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