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In March 2023, Washington State Parks (State Parks) and The City of Westport (the City) entered into a Lead Agency Agreement identifying The City as the nominal SEPA Lead Agency for the Westport Light Golf Links proposal. The City will be overseeing the EIS process in close collaboration with State Parks.  Once the EIS is complete Westport Light Golf Links will move forward to procure any environmental regulatory compliance required for the project.  Once the project proponent has secured the necessary required permits to move forward with the proposed development, the proposal will be brought to the Commission for consideration. 

For more information about the EIS, or to participate in the process, please go to the City’s page: https://bit.ly/41ui74K 

Public Meeting

The City of Westport and Parks will be co-hosting an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Scoping open house for the public. This is an opportunity for the public to learn more about and participate in the State Environment Policy Act (SEPA) EIS process for the Westport Golf Links proposal at Westport Light (WLSP). 

Westport Golf, Inc. proposes a Scottish links-style golf course within the boundaries of WLSPThis proposal includes the development of a long-term concession agreement with Parks that would allow Westport Golf, Inc. to develop, operate and maintain the golf course and associated facilities. The City of Westportas the acting SEPA lead agency for this proposal, has determined that an EIS will be required for this proposal under RCW 43.21C.030(2)(c).  

The EIS Scoping open house will be accessible both in person and virtually through live stream. A more detailed Scoping notice is provided on the City’s website. 

Comments regarding the scope of the EIS for Westport Golf Links/WSSP will be accepted through Thurs., May 18 and can be submitted online or by writing to the SEPA Responsible Official at the address below:

Kevin Goodrich, City Administrator 

City of Westport 

P.O. Box 505 / 604 N. Montesano St 

Westport, WA 98595 

The public is still welcome to reach out to Parks through the planning page for non-SEPA related comments.  

What: Westport Light State Park EIS Scoping open house 

When: Tues., May 2, 2023, from 6-8 p.m. 

Where: Ocosta Elementary School Multi-Purpose Room 

2580 Montesano Street S, Westport, WA 98595 

Attend virtually: Click here

Previous public meeting

The December 8th meeting updated the public on the progress and status of the ongoing master planning effort at Westport Light State Park to consider a Scottish-style links golf course. The presentation provided a summary of findings of the environmental and economic site analysis conducted, introduce the golf course conceptual design, and discuss next steps in the planning process.

Public meeting presentation December 8 2022

Link to December 8, 2022 public meeting recording.

Audio Recording of Dec. 8, 2022 Public Planning Meeting

Meeting was hosted by City of Westport

Recording supplied by David McKay Kidd.
Note: the sound quality is poor.

Commission Work Session video

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission (WSPRC) Nov. 16, 2022 Work Session - YouTube

Westport starts at 1:10:11 into the meeting.

Westport Golf Links Update to Commissioners – PowerPoint 

Update of the progress of the ongoing master planning effort at Westport Light State Park to consider a Scottish-style links golf course. Their presentation included a summary of findings in the environmental and economic site analysis and introduced the golf course conceptual design.

To view the PowerPoint Click Here


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The environmental and ecological studies for Westport Light State Park have been completed. Westport Golf Links Economic Impact Study has been completed and are below under documents.

In 2019, Westport Golf INC approached Washington State Parks with a proposal to construct, operate and manage a Scottish links style “artisanal” golf course and a 30- to 40-room inn as part of overall development of Westport Light State Park near Westport.

State Parks is in the process of considering the proposal, but no decisions have been made at this time.


State Parks staff and Westport Golf INC provided an update to the Commission at its January 2022 work session meeting. The presentation starts at approximately 3 hours and 50 minutes and is at the following link:

Jan. 26, 2022 Washington State Parks Regular Commission Work Session - YouTube


Washington State Parks, Westport Golf INC and City of Westport staff held a community meeting on Oct. 8, 2019 in Westport, WA. The Westport South Beach Historical Society recorded this meeting and posted it to their YouTube page here: 


On Aug. 7, 2020, Washington State Parks and Westport Golf INC entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) outlining the process steps — or milestones — that must be taken for the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission to consider this request.

The milestones include:

  • Pre-scoping (conducting ecological and environmental studies)
  • Analyzing of site opportunities and constraints based on what was learned in the pre-scoping milestone

An updated MOU is being drafted by Westport Light and will be uploaded once it has been signed.

SEPA Process

As of 2023, the City of Westport and Westport Golf INC, will hire a consultant to conduct an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) as part of the State Environmental Protection Act (SEPA) process. The EIS review process requires a number of additional process steps and review requirements. Progress on the EIS will be posted directly to the City’s webpage Westport Golf Links/Westport Light State Park Project (wa.gov).

No decisions about this proposal have been made.

These steps will provide the Commission with enough information to consider approving the proposed master plan for Westport Light State Park. Throughout the process, State Parks, Westport Golf INC and the City of Westport will work together to host public and stakeholder meetings to keep the public informed and collect input.


The Westport Golf LLC proposal is consistent with Washington State Parks’ 2015 real estate policy update, which provides for development of privately financed recreational facilities in state parks. In 2016, the State Parks Commission completed a public process to select four pilot sites for private investment, known as Recreation Concession Areas (RCAs). Westport Light State Park was one of the four parks identified.  

The purpose of RCAs is not to privatize the parks system but to provide park visitors with amenities that are beyond State Parks’ financial capacity or expertise, while generating revenue to help operate the park system.


In 2015, State Parks acquired nearly 300 acres through a $1.9 million grant from the Recreation and Conservation Office. The land purchase enabled State Parks to connect Westhaven State Park and Westport Light State Park with the newly acquired property located between the two parks. The parks and new property, located in Grays Harbor county, now total 603 acres and are known collectively as Westport Light State Park. For more information, visit: https://parks.state.wa.us/284/Westport-Light.


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