Waikiki Beach 2022 Concert Series

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2022 Waikiki Beach Concert Series Events

Music and great memories await you this summer! Enjoy performances by a wide variety of musical groups at Waikiki Beach in beautiful Cape Disappointment State Park. 

Time: All concerts are from 7 - 8:30 p.m.
Location: All concerts will be held at Waikiki Beach (Directions)



June 11 Composer, multi-instrumentalist and singer, Alfredo Chavez and Los Directores repertoire includes bolero, pasillo, cueca, joropo, cumbia, son, goajira, Andean music, merengue, and calixso as well as popular ballads. An educator and cultural ambassador, Chavez was previously Folk Troubadour and Professor at the National University of Panama.

Great American Trainwreck

June 25
Originally from Seattle,  Great American Trainwreck was formed in 2016. The group began when former bandmates and lifelong friends got together to share their passion for rootsy Americana. Their music blends southern rock, 
bluegrass, and classic country. Lyric-driven songs combined with melodic riffs and heavenly harmonies help to define their progressive approach to traditional genres.
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En Canto

July 9
A multi-ethnic, female-led sextet, En Canto is Seattle's only Forró band. Forró music is a combination of multiple Brazilian rhythms including baião, xote and arrasta-pé. The word refers to both the musical genre and the accompanying partner dance where it is played. En Canto shows are exuberant sonic journeys with swirling Brazilian rhythms. The sound is fueled by twin accordions and with jazz backgrounds. The group brings the Pacific Northwest a rare link between old and new Brazil. 
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The Brownsmead Flats

July 23
The Brownsmead Flats are an acoustic band who likes to play traditional, and original songs in the Crabgrass tradition (bluegrass with a maritime flavor). They are primarily a string band, consisting of guitars, bass, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, fiddle and hammered dulcimer.
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Ian McFeron Band

Aug. 13
Ian McFeron got his start performing for dock workers and fishermen in the Irish pubs and dive bars along Shilshole Bay in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. Early success in Seattle drew McFeron into a full-time recording and touring career. He would spend the next decade performing throughout the United States, growing a national audience and attracting media attention stretching across the Atlantic.
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Miho & Diego

Aug. 27
The Miho & Diego Duo has been boldly blending Latino, Japanese and American musical traditions since 2006. Both accomplished musicians, Miho Takekawa and Diego Coy discovered their sounds could be combined to make something new and unique. The title of their debut CD, "Quenarimba", combines the names of their primary instruments, the quena, a traditional Andean flute, and the marimba
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