Sno-Park Trail Etiquette

Washington Sno-Parks provide access to a variety of winter recreation activities, including snowmobiling, snowshoeing, sledding, skiing, skijoring and snow play.


  • Are distinct from state parks in that they crisscross state and federal lands and involve many land managers, state agencies, concessionaires and contractors.
  • Sit in or near small communities where people live, work and run businesses. Please respect those neighborhoods.
  • Permits pay for trail grooming, lot clearing and plowing, sanitation, education and enforcement.
  • Offer motorized, non-motorized and animal-driven recreation opportunities. Please share the trails and be courteous. Practice stewardship and trail etiquette.  

Skiers and snowmobilers typically stay on the trails that are groomed for their specific activity – except in the backcountry where trails are not groomed.


  • Snowshoers — walk on the sides of the trail and stay off groomed ski tracks.
  • Hikers and snowshoers – keep dogs on leash and off groomed ski tracks.
  • Skate-skiers — keep off groomed ski tracks.
  • Cross-country skiers – stay on groomed ski trails and slow down and announce your presence when coming up on snowshoers off trail. Leave dogs at home when not skijoring.
  • Dogsled and skijoring teams— stay off groomed ski tracks.
  • Skiers and snowshoers — yield to snowmobilers and dog teams.
  • Snowmobilers — slow down when coming up on skiers, snowshoers and dog teams.
  • Wheeled vehicles - are not permitted on any groomed trails. Anyone driving illegally on the groomed trails will be cited.


  • Dogs, except those operating in a seeing-eye capacity, are prohibited at Hyak Sno-Park. 
  • Dog sledding and skijoring are allowed only on snowmobile trails and designated non-motorized trails.
  • Dogs are not allowed on groomed ski tracks or on non-designated trails. Check in with local ranger districts to determine if dogs are allowed. 
  • Protect your pet. Keep dogs on leash and under physical control at all times.
  • Pack out their waste.


Maximize your winter enjoyment by following this Winter Recreation code of conduct:

  • Respect all public and private property and the rights of all winter recreationists to enjoy the beauty of Washington Sno-Parks.
  • Park considerately without blocking vehicles or driveways or impeding access to trails. When parking behind a snowmobile trailer, please allow enough room for operators to maneuver.
  • Keep to the right when meeting other recreationists and yield right of way to downhill traffic.
  • Slow down and use caution when approaching or overtaking another user.
  • Respect designated areas, trail-use signs and established ski tracks.
  • When stopping, do not block the trail.
  • Do not disturb wildlife and avoid areas posted for wildlife protection or feeding.
  • Realize that your destination and travel speed are determined by your equipment, ability, terrain, weather and traffic on the trail. 
  • In case of an emergency, please offer assistance. 
  • Do not interfere with or harass others. People may judge all participants in your activity by your actions.


  • Prepare for your outing by having proper clothing, emergency gear and safety equipment. Understand that poor weather can delay a search and rescue operation, resulting in fatalities.
  • Ski in single file to the right of the trail.
  • Sound a pleasant warning when passing a slower trail user.
  • If you fall on the trail, fill any hole you created.
  • Keep right when meeting other winter recreationists and yield right of way to downhill traffic.
  • Do not park in residential areas or block driveways.