Thank you! Your donations help to keep state parks open and programs available.

Foundation and online donations

The Washington State Parks Foundation is the official charitable partner of Washington State Parks. The non-profit Foundation is committed to supporting state parks now and into the future. Donations to the Washington State Parks Foundation are fully tax-deductible and support on-the-ground park improvements, special education and arts events, park friends groups and more. Visit the Foundation’s website for more information – or make an online donation today.

License renewal donation program

House Bill 2339, passed by the 2009 Legislature, established a donation program tied to vehicle license renewals to help keep parks open in the face of budget reductions. The program continues to provide a significant portion of the funding necessary to operate State Parks. Here’s how it works: When you renew your vehicle license each year, your bill includes a $5 donation for State Parks. If you do not wish to donate, simply subtract the $5 donation when you pay.