Deception Pass

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Interpretive Center at Deception Pass State Park tells the story of "Roosevelt's Tree Army." During the Great Depression, the CCC was created in 1933 as part of Franklin D. Roosevelt's "New Deal," a series of public works projects designed to put the nation's unemployed back to work. The CCC was made of up crews of 18 to 25-year-old men who were tasked with natural resource conservation work that included planting trees, restoring farmland and developing national and state parks. Many of Washington's earliest state parks were developed by CCC crews, including Deception Pass.

Set in a CCC-built bathhouse at Bowman Bay, the Center features photos, artifacts and video from CCC projects across Washington and the United States. The exhibits were developed in collaboration with CCC alumni in 1989.


The center is open daily April through September and can also be opened upon request for research and groups. For more information about the CCC Interpretive Center, please contact Deception Pass Interpretive Services at 360-675-3767, ext. 31.

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