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WA Boat Safe Pledge

  1. Take the WA Boat Safe Pledge

    Recreational boating is a popular pastime in Washington; just ask any of the several hundred thousand residents who own at least one canoe, kayak, row boat, personal watercraft, stand up paddle board, drift boat, runabout, sailboat, motor yacht or some other type of recreational vessel. Boats and boaters are everywhere! 

    Boating, however, isn't without its risks. The chilly waters of the Pacific Northwest can be an unforgiving environment, and safety must be on the minds of everyone who plays in and around it. The Washington State Parks Boating Program, in partnership with the Seattle Mariners, invite you to take the WA Safe Boating Pledge! Pledge to boat safely and responsibly, and encourage those around you to do the same. 

    I pledge to...

    Wear a Life Jacket
    Wear a life jacket when on or around the water

    Boat Prepared
    Know weather conditions and know your own limitations

    Boat with a Buddy
    Boat with a friend or let others know your plans

    Be a Role Model
    Boat safe and encourage others to do the same

    Have Fun!
    Enjoy and protect our natural spaces

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