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Metal detecting form

  1. Registration for metal detecting use
    You must print a copy of this form and have it with you when you use a metal detector at a state park.
  2. Park(s) where you will be metal detecting*

    Check all that apply.

  3. Rules
    Metal detecting is permitted only within specified portions of approved state parks – parks that permit metal detecting will have maps and registration information posted at the park; if no information is posted, the park does not permit this activity.

    Any find that appears to have historical or archaeological significance may not be removed from where it was found. Report all findings immediately to a park employee and do not further disturb the area.

    Properly dispose of all found or recovered litter.

    Group-detecting events require a special recreation event application.

    Metal detecting in camping areas open to metal detecting is permitted only in unoccupied campsites.

    Users shall not destroy park facilities, natural features, or historical or archaeological resources. No item appearing to be of historical or archaeological significance, remaining from either early pioneer or military activity or from Native American presence, may be removed from where it was found. You must report any such findings immediately to a park employee, and you must not further disturb the area in which the find occurred.

    Metal detecting is allowed between the ocean water’s edge and the mean high tide line along the Washington coast.
  4. Governance
    RCW 79A.05.305(3)(5) Declaration of policy – Lands for public park purposes – requires the agency to “protect cultural and historical resources, locations, and artifacts and preserve and maintain habitat which will protect and promote endangered, threatened, and sensitive plants, and endangered, threatened, and sensitive animal species.”

    RCW 79A.05.165(a) Penalties – removal or destruction of any natural items (trees, shrubs, timber, plants or natural object in any park) is a misdemeanor under Washington State Law.

    WAC 352-32-235 Use of metal detectors in state parks – allows the use and operation of metal detectors as well as the removal of small contemporary materials within selected state parks.

    WSPRC Commission Natural Resources Management Policy 65-04-01 – requires that “where existing recreational developments or uses are believed to degrade natural resources of regional or statewide significance...the agency will... alleviate the impacts by limiting, removing, relocating, or mitigating the recreational activity.”
  5. I have read and understand the summary of rules for use of metal detectors in state parks.
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