CVA Grant Reimbursements

Annual reporting and reimbursement procedures

The Clean Vessel Act (CVA) Program offers a five-year operation and maintenance (O&M) reimbursement grant for new or existing pumpout, dump station and floating restroom facilities. This grant provides an annual reimbursement for up to 75 percent of the cost of replacement parts, repairs, sewage disposal and documented hours for staff labor spent servicing pumpouts, portable toilets, dump stations, floating restrooms or pumpout boats.

Review and download the Operations & Maintenance Reimbursement Guide (PDF).

Each year, grantees with an active O&M grant are required to submit the following two forms as part of the reimbursement request package:

  • Annual gallonage report (Word document). This form gives us a quick inventory of marine sewage disposal facility (MSDF) at each marina and estimates gallons of boat sewage collected at your facility for the past year.
  • O&M reimbursement request form (Excel document). This form tells us how much it cost to operate and maintain the MSDF at your facility and how much we will be reimbursing you.

There are several optional forms you may use depending on the nature of your reimbursement request:

  • Staff time worksheet (Excel document). You should use this sheet if you are requesting reimbursement for in-house labor expenses. Please note: As of 2019, a letter does not suffice for reporting in-house labor. 
  • Volunteer time worksheet (Excel document). You should use this sheet if you are a yacht club or private marina that uses volunteer labor to maintain or operate your pumpout unit. 
  • Maintenance logs (Word document). We encourage all facilities to regularly inspect, clean, and maintain their CVA-funded pumpout stations. You may substitute your own internal maintenance records for this form. Starting in 2020, maintenance logs will be required as part of the annual reimbursement package. 

General grant conditions

  • Grant recipients must provide 25 percent of the project costs and guarantee to keep the pumpout facility operated, maintained and accessible to the public for the full duration of the facility’s useful life.
  • CVA-funded facilities must be open to the public where users have full and reasonable access during normal business hours.
  • Signage directing boaters to the pumpout or dump station must be visible from the water.
  • Pumpouts should be located to allow easy access and use by all boats typically using the facility.
  • Boating facilities may not charge users more than $5 per pumpout. Fees must be accounted for and used solely for the purpose of maintaining a pumpout or dump station facility.