Mountain Melodies 2022 Concert Series

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Mountain Melodies 2022 Concert Series Events

New this year! Singing, dancing and alpine air! This series features performances by great local musicians and dancers amid the majestic mountain lake views. Come join the fun this summer at  Lake Wenatchee State Park

Time: All concerts are 8-9 p.m.
Location: South Park Amphitheater (Directions)


Miho & Diego 

June 25
The Miho & Diego Duo has been boldly blending Latino, Japanese and American musical traditions since 2006. Both accomplished musicians, Miho Takekawa and Diego Coy discovered their sounds could be combined to make something new and unique. The title of their debut CD, "Quenarimba", combines the names of their primary instruments, the quena, a traditional Andean flute, and the marimba. 
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Briar accompanied by Joe Seamons 

July 9
Briar sings vintage jazz, blues and original music. Her songs and stories shine a light on singers and tales that have been forgotten by the country that created them. Raised in Chimacum, Briar uses music to explore her unique background as a Black woman from the rural Pacific Northwest. Briar will be accompanied by Joe Seamons.
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Anjali Silva & Sabor  

July 23
Anjali Silva & Sabor is a smooth and funky fusion of Latin jazz flavors, spiced to perfection; a simmering stew, where the California Coast meets the Colorado Mountains and the Pacific Northwest. 
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Eclectic Cloggers

Aug. 13
The Eclectic Cloggers are a dance group that performs a high energy style of traditional Appalachian step dancing to live, old-time music. This percussive dance form comes from the eastern mountain region of the United States, where it began as a mix of Irish, Scottish and English step dances with African and Native American influences. Since 1984, the Eclectic Cloggers have performed at festivals and community events throughout the Northwest.  
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Penstock BLuegrass Band

Aug. 26
Penstock Bluegrass Band is an Eastern Washington-based band that plays traditional and progressive bluegrass tunes on guitar, mandolin, stand up bass, banjo, and fiddle. Members include Corban Welter, Jake Monroe, Jeff Dermond, and John Meriwether. ♫ Hear the artists on YouTube!