Boat rentals

Motor vessel safety checklist

Washington's Mandatory Boating Education law requires agencies that rent, charter, or lease motorboats or vessels with engines of 15 horsepower or more, to review the motor vessel rental safety checklist with renters / operators. For more information or to learn how to use the checklist, review the checklist instruction sheet (PDF).

The checklist covers both safety practices and equipment for all types of motorboats and personal watercraft. The Commission-approved checklist must be used to ensure uniformity and compliance with the law, even by rental agencies that have developed their own safety checklist.

Rental agency staff must review the contents of the checklist with every renter / operator to insure each statement about operation and safety equipment is understood. The renter / operator must review the checklist and initial each item on both sides of the checklist.

Operating and Equipment Checklist

Boaters must carry their signed checklist with them. The operators of rented motorboats who do not have a checklist may be ticketed if stopped by a marine law enforcement officer.

Washington State Parks will make pads of the checklist available free of charge to each requesting agency. It is recommended that rental agencies provide renters some type of water proof container to store the signed checklist.

To get copies of the motor vessel rental safety checklist, contact the Boating Program at Allow two to four weeks for delivery of your order. To check on your order or for other assistance, call (360) 902-8555.

Rental boat responsibility

Law enforcement officers may cite the operator and owner of a rental boat for violation of section RCW 79A.60 which states that if a vessel does not contain the safety equipment required, then either the owner or the operator, or both, may be cited. Owners of vessels need to ensure that the boat is properly equipped. The owner or company that owns the rental boat can not require the renter to pay additional fees for legally required safety equipment.