Peshastin Pinnacles State Park

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Standing tall against the orchards and golden hills of the Wenatchee Valley, a grouping of tooth-like pinnacles will surely catch your eye. Turn off Highway 2 for a closer look at the rich sandstone slabs of Peshastin Pinnacles State Park. Hike the switch-back trails, and take in the panoramic views of the Cascades to the west and the sage-covered hills to the east. Experience a spectacular sunset, as the pinnacles and Wenatchee River glow bright in the low-angle light.

Rock climbers, grab your rack, your favorite belay partner and a few liters of water (there is none in the park), and get out on some of the grippiest rock in the state. Not a hiker or climber? No problem! Find a shaded picnic table, and watch the vertical action from below.

Whether you prefer photography, nature-gazing or smearing up a rock face, this park will leave you energized and inspired.

Park features
Peshastin Pinnacles is a 34-acre day-use park. For longer stays, camping is available at Lake Wenatchee State Park to the west as well as Wenatchee Confluence and Lincoln Rock state parks to the east.

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Picnic & day-use facilities

The park provides five unsheltered picnic tables and two vault toilets. Park visitors should bring their own water to the park. Alcoholic beverages are permitted in the picnic area but prohibited in the parking lot and climbing area.

Potable water supply is not available in the park, so visitors are urged to bring their own water.



  • 1.5 miles of hiking trails

Other activities & features

  • Bird watching
  • Rock climbing
  • Wildlife viewing

Additional information

  • The park offers a mile and a half of steep hiking trail. For rock climbers, slabs and spires vary from easy to difficult and require rock-climbing equipment.
  • To prevent trail erosion, please stay on designated trails and avoid cutting the switchbacks and banks. The trails are for hiking only.
  • Bikes are not permitted in the park.
  • No bolting or drilling is allowed. Climbers must be off the rocks one-half hour before the park closes, which varies daily and is posted at the entrance to the climbing area. Citations will be issued, as this rule is strictly enforced.
  • Alcohol is prohibited in climbing and parking areas.
  • Printable park brochure (PDF).