Moorage Permit


Do you enjoy mooring overnight at Washington’s state parks buoys, docks and floats? Then you could save money with the Annual Moorage Permit. The permit is good for one vessel from Jan. 1 - Dec. 31, for all salt water sites. Not valid at reservable marinas.

Annual moorage permit cost: $5 per foot of vessel length, with a $60 minimum (dock, buoy, float or linear moorage).  The permit is assigned to one vessel and is not interchangeable. Vessel registration number must be provided upon purchase. 

Overnight costs (without a moorage permit):

  • Dock moorage — 70 cents per foot of vessel length
  • Buoy or  float moorage—$15

By your eighth night, the permit will have paid for itself when compared to the daily fee!

How do I buy an Annual Moorage Permit?

  • Purchase your permit online. We will send it to your mailing address. You will receive an email with a 20-day temporary permit, so you can use it right away.
  • Print an application here and mail it with a check or money order.
  • In-person at:
    State Park headquarters located at 1111 Israel Rd SW, Tumwater WA.   Some marine state parks (when staff are available).

How to use the permit

  1. When you arrive at a buoy, dock or float and secure your vessel, go ashore and register. (Boats over 45 feet will not be permitted to moor on buoys. Larger boats can tie up at docks and linear moorage.)
  2. Locate the nearest pay station, usually near parking lots or information kiosks. Fill out  fee envelope, include your boat moorage permit number.
  3. Tear the receipt from the fee envelope to keep as your receipt, leave the rest of the envelope in the fee box.
  4. Affix your moorage permit to your vessel so it can easily be seen. For boats with windshields  place the sticker in the lower port (left) corner of the windshield.  For boats without windshields, place the sticker on the port side of your transom. For sailboats, place sticker on the forward portion of the port cabin trunk.
  5. Rafting is not permitted on buoys.
  6. Vessels that are rafted to other vessels must pay regular moorage fees.
  7. Annual moorage permits are accepted at all first come, first served mooring sites.

Where can I moor?

Washington state parks and marine parks offer countless boating adventures in the:


  • Fees and the permit are required after 1 p.m. at all moorages.
  • Commercial vessels are not permitted to moor at Washington State Parks.
  • For more information or help send an email to or call our Information Center at (360) 902-8844. 

Purchase in person

A moorage permit may also be purchased in person at the following locations when staff is available:

State Parks HQ (Tumwater)
Blake Island
Deception Pass

Fort Flagler
Fort Worden
Jarrell Cove
Lime Kiln
Sequim Bay
Sucia Island